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Classes currently Available in APEX at EHS

A-G courses:

Biology (2 semesters)

Earth Science (2 semesters)


English 9P(2 semesters)

English 10P (2 Semesters)

English 11P (2 semesters)

English 12P (2 semesters)


Math 1CC (2 semesters)

Math 2CC (2 semesters)

Math 3CC (2 semesters)

Pre Calculus (2 semesters)

Statistics (1 semester)


Spanish 1P (2 semesters)

Spanish 2P (2 Semesters)

Spanish 3P (2 semesters)


World History (2 semesters)

US History (2 semesters)

Economics (1 semester)

Government (1 semester)

Psychology (1 semester)

Sociology (1 semester)


Business Applications (1 semester) - AVAILABLE 1ST SEMESTER ONLY

Intro to Business and Tech 1 (1 semester) - AVAILABLE 1ST SEMESTER ONLY

Intro to Business and Tech 2 (1 semester) - AVAILABLE 1ST SEMESTER ONLY



Credit Recovery classes:

CR Biology (2 semesters)


Health (1 semester) 


CR English 9 (2 semesters)

CR English 10 (2 semesters)

CR English 11 (2 semesters)

CR English 12 (2 semesters)


CR Math 1 (2 semesters)

CR Math 2 (2 semesters)

CR Math 3 (2 semesters)


CR World History (2 semesters)

CR US History (2 semesters)

CR Economics (1 semester)

CR Government (1 semester)


College and Career Prep I (1 semester)

College and Career Prep II (1 semester)


Financial Literacy (1 semester)


Media Literacy (1 semester)



Welcome to APEX! Please make sure to join REMIND by texting the message @ehsapex20 to the number 81010.  Once you have joined, you will receive your login information and important news regarding your APEX class. Please note that APEX is on a quarter system. Each semester class is actually done in a quarter. For example, you can finish a full year of Spanish in one semester.  Quarter 1 will be first semester and Quarter 2 would be 2nd semester! APEX is designed to help students complete credits faster and get caught up on credits. 


Please note that all classes must be completed by September 27th for 1st quarter.

Posted 7/29/19
APEX Teachers
Contact Jeremy Davis  Jeremy Davis Teacher / Debate Coach
Contact Sereisa Milford  Sereisa Milford Teacher
Contact Mark Perantoni  Mark Perantoni Teacher
Contact Gilbert Pulido  Gilbert Pulido Assistant Principal
Contact Rachel Rodriguez  Rachel Rodriguez (909) 820-7777 ex: 22105 Teacher
Contact Samy Rodriguez  Samy Rodriguez Teacher
Contact Lamar Simmons  Lamar Simmons Teacher
Contact Anna Valmores  Anna Valmores Teacher