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Late 1960s History

1964-1965 School Year

  • Eisenhower is no longer part of San Bernardino school district
  • Participated in a new league - the Inland Valley or "Ivy" League.
  • Sports teams had great success in new league. JV Football and Wrestling are League Champs
  • Carol Boyd, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Patsy Limon, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Eisenhower's Varsity Thinkers competed on CBS Channel 2's "Scholar Quiz" against students from Bolsa Grande High School of Garden Grove. Ike defeated Bolsa Grande 193 to 86.
  • Nine copies of the Eagle's Eye Volume 6 were placed in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C.
  • Gym has first Eisenhower logo painted on it

Original EHS logo on gym

1965-1966 School Year

  • League Champs for Varsity Football, JV Basketball, Varsity and JV Wrestling
  • Rialto Unified School District began
  • Susie Walters, Football Homecoming Queen
  • JV Basketball won the Ivy League Championship
  • Claudia Felicetta, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Faculty and students played their annual donkey basketball game on real donkeys. (The donkeys, which were rented from the Reynolds Company of Colton, are specially trained to play in basketball games. To protect the gym floor, the donkeys wear padded red boots.)

Donkey basketball

1966-1967 School Year

  • Football lost only 1 game in the regular season and made it to the first round of CIF playoffs
  • First year that Eisenhower was solely a Senior High School
  • Varsity and JV Wrestling are league champs for third year in a row
  • Susie Wiyninger, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Tennis, Ivy Leage Champ
  • Track and Field was undefeated un the Ivy League and advanced to CIF semi-finals
  • Nance Swan, Basketball Homecoming Queen

1967-1968 School Year

  • Bill McKinney, class of '67 played football for the Navy. Steve Preston, class of '67, played football for UCLA.
  • Michael Walek, class of '68, was the first Ken Hubbs winner at Ike. He was quarterback on the football team. He earned a white letter after having participated in football and baseball.
  • Athletic teams now in Citrus Belt League-CBL. This was the highest classification for schools with populations of over 2000.
  • Golf won their first CBL Championship
  • Computers were used to help students with college selection. Students filled out a questionnaire and the information was computer matched with 3000 colleges. The students and his advisor then received a list of the most ideal schools for his needs.
  • The drill team and marching band won first place in competition with other AAAA schools in the area
  • Introduction of the Victory Bell, rung after each victory, later banned by the CIF.
Original victory bell
  • The senior lawn was established as well as the senior line for lunch. This line enabled seniors to get better and faster service.
  • Student body helped build a school in Peru with proceeds from Winterfulfolk Festival
  • Gayle Hall, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Michi Smith, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Project Eagle-idea of Mr. Ramsauer, Mr. Milbach, & Mr. Lucy. Worked from sketches, made mold of clay, then plaster cast, and finally fiberglass. Eagle was sprayed with bronze paint and a clear plastic spray for protection

EHS sign in front of school

  • An amendment was being reviewed by the district which would allow the wearing of Bermuda shorts from the end of Easter vacation to October 31

1968 EHS marquee

1968-1969 School Year

  • Do you remember the day it snowed? How about the time it rained so much the Quad flooded badly?

Students playing mud bowl on campus

  • Eisenhower's new $306,664 science complex (K-wing) opened. The new complex houses the physics, biology and chemistry classes. There are 10 rooms, five of which are carpeted. Room dividers can split large lecture halls into smaller classrooms and there is a prep room where advanced students may prepare and keep special projects for an indefinite period of time.
Before K wing is built
Finished K wing
  • Debate over whether to add a pool to Eisenhower or whether to wait to add one to the second high school being planned to be built in three years in the southern part of the city.
  • The Eagle's Eye recalled the debate that was held in 1959 over the naming of the school. It was recalled that many people were unhappy over not naming the school after someone in the community. However, it was also suggested that since the new school would still be part of the San Bernardio school district, that naming it Rialto High School would not be a good idea because San Bernardino voters wouldn't be as likely to vote for school bonds in another community.
  • Eisenhower's Inter-Club Council staged its first homecoming parade in its history on November 8th. The parade began at the corner of Riversde and Etiwanda and proceeded south to the police station. The idea was first thought of as publicity to bring people to the Football Homecoming game to be held that same night.
  • Barbara Waleszonia Football Homecoming Queen
  • Seniors could pick their own English classes for the first time
  • Martin Cooke, David Yates, Vic Keyer, and Johnnie Walker advanced to the CIF State Wrestling Finals
  • The House of Representatives sponsored a book drive, which collected over 10,000 books. These books were sent to Norton Air Force Base where they were made available to men leaving for Viet Nam.
  • Diane Honeycutt, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Eve Evans, State Champion the girl's oratory division
  • Student Body Joins Nation in Mourning Loss of General Dwight David Eisenhower
    • Dwight David Eisenhower was born on October 14, 1890 in Denison, Texas. During his 78 years, he accomplished many amazing feats. The most famous was his election as the thirty-fourth President of the United States. Eisenhower gained earlier fame as a general in the United States Army. He eventually achieved the rank of a Five Star General for his commendable work as the commander of American forces in Europe during World War II and other military service. After his retirement from the presidency, Eisenhower often vacationed in Palm Springs. Loyal Eisenhower High students were always on hand to welcome him upon his arrivals. Then in 1963, General Eisenhower accepted an invitation to visit the campus that bore his name. The school was named for President Eisenhower as far back as 1959, but the busy president could not find the time to take a special trip to visit the school. On March 22, 1963, General Eisenhower found the time to see the campus he had waited so long to view.
      Upon his arrival, Eisenhower was greeted by Principal Edward Ryan and ASB President Randy Wheaton. After formal greetings by school officials, General Eisenhower addressed an assembly of over 2,000 students and interested spectators, who greeted the former president with a standing ovation. Eisenhower then attended some of the various classes on campus with the comment, "I'm going to visit a few of your classes, but I'm going to keep still. I want to learn something from you." Eisenhower was made an honorary life member of the student body and invited to return. He never did. He will be greatly missed by us all. (Aquila 1969)