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1980s History

1979-1980 School Year
  • Teacher strike for first two weeks. Students faced substitutes, two hour wait for schedules, and no bell system.
  • Seven periods shrank to six
  • Linda Robertson, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Lunchers were shorter
  • Inflation and gas shortage caused fewer students to attend away games. The odd and even license plate plan went into effect and prices nearly doubled.
  • Debbie Martinez, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • A night rally was held before the big Fo-hi game. Alumni Mark Bryant, Joe Hamilton, and Ron Lott came back to visit.
  • In spring, the new administration building finally opened. Students were able to enter the library without having to go around and passing periods were easier. Students were able to once again hear the morning bulletin rather than read it.

New admin building

1980-1981 School Year
  • New administration building is in full use and students have use of the cafeteria back. They no longer have to eat outside.
  • Maria Carrillo, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Drama returns after a three year absence
  • Some students were evacuated to the National Orange Show because of the Panorama Fire
  • Stoney Jackson, Steve Yeager, Barry Williams, Lew Saunders, Jim Perry, Ira Angustain, Steve Powers, Peter Brown, Doug Corbin, and Armand Granni were the celebrities that came and played at Eisenhower
  • Sherry Gregory, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Girls' volleyball went undefeated in league play
  • Girls basketball were CBL champs for the first time in EHS history
1981-1982 School Year
  • Little Theatre in R-1 remodeled with plush seats, carpeting, drapes, and theatrical lighting
  • Robin Moore, Football Homecoming Queen
  • CBL titles won by Volleyball and Girls and Boys Cross Country
  • Sophomore football returned after a three year absence due to budget problems caused by Prop. 13
  • Kim Clayton, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • A smoking area was installed behind the R wing
  • Stuffed eagle donated by John Dawson class of 1971

Donated eagle

1982-1983 School Year
  • Locker passages were closed
  • Kecia Woodstra, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Eisenhower Appreciation Week was a time for students to show the residents of Rialto the positive things happening at Ike. Several clubs held fund raisers in front of the stores or displayed posters.
  • Robin McIver, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Ron Harris was all-CIF in Cross Country and tenth in state competition
  • Eisenhower was hit by a terrible rainstorm which brought sandbags to Ike
  • Students paid a fee for their lockers


1983-1984 School Year
  • Silver anniversary
  • Renee Hurchalla, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Class of '84 won the float competition three years in a row, an Eisenhower first

1982 Stadium

  • A new shopping center across the street from Eisenhower's east side was built over the summer. The Golden Eagle Alliance Band performed during Von's ground breaking ceremonies. The photo (above) shows the stadium as it looked before the shopping center was built. [Look carefully--no restaurants across the street]
  • Off campus permits were given only to students who had parent permission
  • A student survey of their favorite football player listed our very own Ronnie Lott as #1
  • Leslie Loparco, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Volleyball team had to travel even for home games because the new gymnasium floor was being installed
The Silver Anniversary Yearbook listed the following championships and recognition:
Athletics Eagles' Eye Newspaper
Football - three CBL Championships, one Ivy League, seven CIF Playoff appearances 1969 - first place Quill and Scroll
Cross Country - four CBL Championships, two Ivy League, nine CIF appearances 1973 - first place Columbia Scholastic Press Association
Track - five CBL Championships, two Ivy League, fifth place CIF finals 1983 1974 - National Scholastic Press Association first place
Golf - two CBL Championships, three Ivy League, eleven CIF appearances 1977 - first place Cal-Poly Pomona Communications
Baseball - five CBL Championships, CIF 10 times, quarterfinals 1974 and 1982 1978 - first place Cal-Poly Pomona
Boys' Tennis - one CBL Championship, one Ivy League, five CIF appearances 1981 - second place Inland Journalism Education Association
Girls' Softball - three CBL Championships, five CIF appearances Aquila Yearbook
Girls' Volleyball - four CBL Championships 1970 - first place Columbia School of Education
Girls' Basketball - one CBL Championship, four CIF appearances 1979 - first place Inland Journalism Education Association
Girls' Cross Country - two CBL Championships, four CIF appearances 1980 - first place Columbia School of Journalism
Boys' Basketball - three CBL Championships, one Ivy League, eight CIF appearances 1981 - first place Columbia School of Journalism
1984-1985 School Year
  • Girls allowed in Key Club for the first time. There were more girls than boys in the club.
  • Christi Hernandez, Football Homecoming Queen
  • During the Los Angeles Olympic Games, Maria Burton helped at the Olympic Village at USC while Susanna Furfari and Brandi Courtney helped at Pepperdine University for the Water Polo events
  • Rhea McIver, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Business department was thrilled to get correction tape typewriters!!
  • At the beginning of the year, there was a controversy over Prom because of the 35 mile distance limit set. Parents were concerned that prom was usually held too far away for some students to drive to it.
  • Most unpopular change was the addition of extra days and minutes to the school year. 4 more days and 4 more minutes of class time were added.
  • Lawrence Dixon, set the San Bernardino County 100 meter record (10.33). It still stands to this day.
1985-1986 School Year
  • Lots of construction was going on in Rialto. The new postal building was constructed on Walnut and new homes were built on Lilac Avenue across from Eisenhower.
  • Enrollment was about 2,496 students by the third week of school which caused parking problems
  • The student population increased to the point some of the students did not have a locker, and some students had to enroll in night classes because day classes were full
  • Stephanie Pendergraph, Fall Homecoming Queen and Derrick Alexander, King
  • Girls' soccer was added
  • A new computer lab was added in E-4 where students could be drilled and tutored on computer skills
  • Lori Dyell, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • FFA (Future Farmers of America) members planted trees, put in sprinklers, and ground cover at the west end of the football field
  • The M wing was re-named the B wing and surveyors measured for new portables to be added the following year
1986-1987 School Year
  • Students returned to school to find mounds of dirt all over campus. A new heating system was installed.
  • Rosalie Nunez, Football Homecoming Queen
  • The smoking area was closed due to a state law
  • Theresa Negrette, Winter Homecoming Queen
  • Varsity football went to the semi finals of CIF
  • Karen Matvey was Ike's first Girls' Singles Champion in Tennis. Jenny McBride was a CBL Champ also.
  • A new wing of portables was added to the south end of campus to help with overcrowding. The old M wing of two rooms was now the B wing with 15 rooms

B wing portables are installed

1987-1988 School Year
  • 2,736 were enrolled at Ike by November (1,370 Sophomores)
  • New classrooms were constructed between the J and the L wings and were called the M wing
  • New concrete picnic benches were installed near the snack bar
  • Leilani Delgado, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Computer registration was used instead of the old scramble system
  • Nashaka Leon, Sweetheart Dance Queen (instead of Basketball Homecoming)
  • County buildings were added to the north end of campus
  • Michael Smalls was named All CIF, a Parade All-American, and State Defensive Player of the Year. In addition, Michael received a scholarship to Notre Dame and as a freshman, started in the National Championship game against West Virginia.
  • Brandie Burton, sophomore, became the California State High School Champion for the second year in a row. In addition, Brandie was named Toyota Player of the Year by the Southern California Professional Golf Association and was the youngest member of the American Junior Golf Association.

Golfer Brandie Burton

1988-1989 School Year
  • Schools in Rialto were closed on Feb. 8 during a severe ice storm that caused many power outages
  • Lisa Sole, Football Homecoming Queen
  • Intramural sports offered during lunch with volleyball, basketball and raquetball tournaments
  • Isna Anderson, Basketball Homecoming Queen
  • Boys' varsity soccer reached the CIF playoffs for the first time
  • Lisa Sole won the All-American Cheerleader Award and cheered at the Aloha Bowl in Hawaii
  • Portables in the R-wing were added
  • A new computer lab opened for the English department using Macintosh computers  
  • What did EHS look like in 1989? Check out the following video:
1989 video 27 minutes long