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Counseling Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 2:27 p.m. or by appointment only
Telephone: (909) 820-7777

In the Rialto Unified School District, counselors are proactive and student centered. We seek to develop a shared responsibility with parents to promote a stronger partnership between the home and the school. This relationship will assist in implementing a Comprehensive Guidance Program for your child in grades 6 - 12. Counselors will endeavor to structure their daily work activities in order to adhere to and provide services, so as to meet the needs of your student.

Counselors: Alpha Breakdown
Nidia Soto A, Ba., U, V, W, X, Y, Z
EL Level 1 & 2
Kelly Edwards Be., C, D, E, F, G - Gao
IVY League, TRIO, Milor/Zupanic
Eric Jackson Gar., H, I, J, K, L - Lo.
NCAA, Financial Aid
Bridget Wood Lu., M, N, O, P
AVID, Internships, Upward Bound UCR RCJ
Suzanne Kull Q, R, S, T
Upward Bound CSUSB, Student of the Month, EAOP
Jeffrey Prentice PBIS
Shon Hampton Wellness Center
Cal Grant GPA Opt-Out Form

Students who do not opt out will have their GPA submitted to the California Student Aid Commission to be considered for a Cal Grant award. If you do not want your school to report a GPA, please complete this form and return it to your high school counselor.

Community Service

Students who complete a minimum of 25 hours receive a certificate from the United Way. Students who complete 100 hours of community service may earn a varsity letter for their work. All forms must be turned in to Mrs. Kelly before Spring Break. Any questions--see Mrs. Kelly in Room F-5.

High School Graduation Requirements
9th & 10th grade changes are in bold
English 40 credits 4 years
Math 30 credits 3 years
Social Studies 30 credits 3 years
Science 20 credits
30 credits
2 years
3 years
Physical Education 20 credits 2 years
Vocational Education 10 credits
0 credits
1 year
0 years
Fine Arts or Foreign Language 10 credits 1 year
Health Education 5 credits
0 credits
1 sem.
0 sem.
Electives 55 credits
60 credits
Total credits needed to graduate 220


In order to achieve grade level status a student needs the following credits.

Freshman Status 0 - 49 credits
Sophomore Status 50 - 109 credits
Junior Status 110 - 169 credits
Senior Status 170 & Above
4 Year College "A-G"
a. History 20 credits 2 years
b. English 40 credits 4 years
c. Mathematics (preferably 4 years) 30 credits 3 years
d. Laboratory Science-Biology & Chem/Physics 20 credits 2 years
e. Foreign Language 20 credits 2 year
f. Visual and Performing Arts 10 credits 1 year
g College Preparatory Elective 10 credits 1 year

Total = 150 Credits          College Requirements - Grades of A, B, or C

Four Year Plan

Four Year Plan Worksheet:

Guidance Lessons
  • 11th Grade Class of 2020: ppt - pdf
  • 12th Grade Class of 2019: ppt - pdf
Other Information

Apply to College: (universal application accepted by about 1000 schools)

Common App website