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Writing Resources

  • Automatic Bibliography and Citation Maker - EasyBib
  • MLA Style Essay Template - MLA Style You will need Microsoft Word for this template.
  • Research Paper (MLA Style with Works Cited Page) - Research Paper-MLA with Works You will need Microsoft Word for this template.
  • MLA Formatting and Style Guide from Purdue OWL (in depth guide with everything you need to know about MLA) - Purdue OWL website

Click the movie below to see how to use Google Docs to create an MLA style essay. Make it full screen for easier viewing. The movie also demonstrates how to include a Works Cited page with a hanging indent. (You will need a gmail account in order to use Google Docs.)

Remember, MLA means that all typing should be size 12 - even your title.

How to use Google Docs to set up an MLA essay
MLA Format Example
MLA Format Example
Works Cited Example
Works Cited Example