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Senior Class of 2020

We are working hard to give you the best end to your year.  As we work, please continue to check in here for details regarding activities such as:

* Senior Signing Night

* Spring Senior Sports Recognition

* Virtual Pep Rally

* Yearbook Distribution

* Cap and Gown Distribution

* Senior Awards' Night

* Senior Sunset

* Celebration of the Class of 2020


Email: Kristal Henriquez
Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1-3 pm

May 2020 calendar
All events will be followed with more information.  Stay current and follow us on Instagram @_mobinfo or twitter @mobinfo_
Activities Calendar

Join us for Yoga on Monday and Wednesday at 1 pm using the Google Meet Code:

Important dates and information for club advisors and coaches:

4/27:  Activity Draft at 4 pm

5/19:  Club Application Drafts Due

5/26:  Club Closing Ceremony at 4 pm

EHS Elections 2020-2021

Elections will be held online on May 5th.  To get to know the candidates more, watch this video.  You will need your district gmail to vote.