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Clubs & Organizations

EHS Clubs and Organizations 2019-2020

What is the name of your club? What is your club purpose? Club Advisor Club Advisor Club Meeting Day Club Meeting Time Club Meeting Place
Academic Decathlon Fundraise when necessary for competiton day Kellen Quinto   Monday 1:30pm G-4
Anime Club watch and discuss anime Mrs.Trobaugh   Tuesday, Thursday During Lunch C-7
ART2D2 Explore/further understanding of art Terese Romagnano   Monday During Lunch J-6
Athletic Training Club To fundraise for shirts/ and more Equipment Monique Marquez   Monday After School Athletic training room
Avid club To organize events and fundraise money for avid class Mrs.Stevenson   Monday During Lunch D-8
Baseball na Mr.Arratia Mr.Cortez Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 1:30- afterschool F-4/Varsity field
Black Student Union To acknowledge and accept our diversity Mrs. K. Bailey   Wednesday During Lunch A-3
Choir Experience Performing , competing etc Stefavie Chamberlain   Wednesday During Lunch T-19
Competitive Speech and Debate To compete in Speech and Debate tournament Mr.Davis   Monday During Lunch D-5
Cruelty free club To bring awareness of animal protect and safety avoiding cruelty Ms. K. Bailey   Friday During Lunch A-3
Dance Production To promote school spirit and unity through various dances Nancy Ibrahimi   Thursday, Friday After School L-4
Dual Language Club Promote Bilingualism + Raise funds Althea Granados Mark Bibian Thursday During Lunch G-2
Freshman Class fundraisers/activities for Freshman Ms.Robles   Thursday During Lunch na
Girls Volleyball Team Play Volleyball Ms. Marquez Mrs. Henriquez Pulido Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday After School Gym
Health Occupation Students of America Medical/Health training activities Rachelle Hitchcock   Monday na na
IKE Infosec Club To explore computer science, IT and cybersearity Kevin Alexander   Tuesday, Thursday During Lunch H-4
Interact Community Service Mrs.Kelly   Wednesday During Lunch F-5
Journalism To publish a school newspaper Jeremy Davis   Wednesday During Lunch D-5
Junior class Coming up with activities and events for the juniors. Mr.Cortez   Thursday During 4th period E-4
Junior class Fundraisers/activities for Junior class Mr.Cortez   Thursday During Lunch F-5
Las Aguilas Ballet Folklorico Celebrate the mexican culture Mrs.Molo   Tuesday, Thursday 2:30pm-4:30pm cafeteria
Law enforcement To promote careers in Law enforcement Juan Escamilla   Wednesday After School I-3
Leadership Planning and hosting school wide events. Kristal Henriquez Pulido   Thursday During 4th period E-4
Leadership plan school wide events and teach students about leadership Kristal Henriquez-Pulido   Thursday During Lunch Parent center
Life skills club To raise funds to promote Life skills experiences Kim Mihalski Rosalind Carreras Friday 12:30 C-1, C-2, B-2
Link crew Help freshamn Mrs. Henriquez-Pulido   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 5th period E-4
Marching Band and Colorguard To perform Mr.Jackson   Tuesday, Thursday After School R-3
Mecha Club Community sevice, Scholarship Fundraising Ofelia Fitzpatrick Juan Salgado Friday During Lunch A-4
Newman Club Community Service Ofelia Fitzpatrick Diana Ramirez Thursday During Lunch A-4
Pacific Islanders Club to express our love and respect for the polynesian culture through dance Samy Rodriguez   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday After School B-5
Pep squad   GinaFelkins       L-4
Senior Class Coming up with senior events, and activities. Mrs.Mills   Thursday During 4th period E-4
Senior Class Plan all senior events/activities Mrs.Mills Mrs.Findsen Wednesday, Thursday During Lunch C-10
Sophomore Class fundraise and plan events for sophomore class Mr.Quintero   Thursday During Lunch E-5
Stage Production Act, construction, lighting Vincent Ressa   Tuesday After School T-7
Step Team Entertainment Ms.Trobaugh   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday After School n\a
Teach Rialto\FCCLA To develop the leader within all future educators Liz Nilson   Tuesday 8:30-10am H-2
Woodwork Careers Planning career learning & development paths. Provide needed support or supplies for wood working courses Mark Streeter   Friday During Lunch L-3
Wrestling sport Juan Escamilla   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday After School L-2