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Clubs & Organizations

EHS Clubs and Organizations 2017 - 2018

Club Name Club Purpose Club Advisor  Club Meeting Day  Club Meeting Time  Club Meeting Place 
Alive Bible Club  To read and discuss the bible in a friendly atmosphere and offer support and encouragement to students  Mrs. Polonio  Thursday  During Lunch  Room D-6 
Anime Club  To meet and share the common interest of anime with others  Mr. Slaughter  Friday  During Lunch  F-2 
Art2D2  Explore/further understanding of art  Ms. Romagnano  Wednesday  During Lunch  J6 
Athletic Trainers Club  Teach how to treat injuries, learn how to become an allied medical professional  Ms. Brown  Monday  After School  E-6 
AVID  To support the AVID program through activities and fundraisers  Mrs. Stevenson, Mr. Ressa  Wednesday  During Lunch  S-5 
Biliteracy Seal Club (B.S.)  To fundraise for scholarships for Biliteracy Seal students  Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ramirez  Tuesday  During Lunch  A-4 
Bachata  To learn how to dance bachata  Mr. Cortez  Tuesday  During Lunch  F-4 
Ballet Folklorico Las Aguilas  To enhance the art of music through the dances  Mrs. Luque, Ms. Jimenez  Wednesday  After School  Cafeteria (EHS) 
Black Student Union BSU  Promote awareness of culture and ethnicity  Mrs. Bailey  Tuesday  During Lunch  A-3 
Cancer Club  To support cancer awareness  Mrs. Little, Mrs. Morales  Friday  During Lunch  B-12 
Clef Dwellers(Choir)  Performance choir  Mrs. Chamberlain- Farris  Tuesday  During Lunch  Choir room (R-2) 
Club SOL  To provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and build student's cultural capital.  Mrs. Granados  Thursday  After School  F-7 
Comic Zone Club  To trade and draw comics  Mrs. Morales  Monday  During Lunch  C-3 
Competitive Speech and Debate  To Compete in Speech and Debate  Mr. Davis  Monday  During Lunch  D-5 
Cosmetics Club  Self Love and boost self of esteem  Ms. Baca  Tuesday  During Lunch  K-4 
Cosplayamaniacs  To unite together and collaborate with other cosplay enthusiast at Eisenhower.  Mr. Simmons  Wednesday  During Lunch  M-7 
Cube Club  Promote thinking strategies and competition participation. Possibility of scholarships and awards.  Ms. Bailey  Thursday  During Lunch  A-3 
Dance Production  Train, learn choreography, and per- form for the school  Mrs. Newman  Wednesday  After School  L-4 
DJ Club  To teach students to DJ Ms. Patridge  Thursday  During Lunch  J-5 
Drama Production  To give students a voice through theater  Mr. Ressa  Monday  After School  R-1 
FCCLA  Focus on Career Preparation for Family and Consumer Science Courses  Mrs. Nilsson       
Free Animal Cruelty  To draw awareness of ways to empower society about protection of the animal species  Mrs. Bailey  Friday  During Lunch  A-3 
French Club  To expand awareness of French language and culture beyond the classroom through a variety of activities & field trips, to develop leadership skills, to raise money for senior scholarships and philanthropic organizations  Mrs. Scott-Toux  Tuesday  During Lunch  A-2 
Gaming Club  Our clubs purpose is to provide a social setting for all students who have a common interest in Pokemon  Mr. Atkinson  Wednesday  During Lunch  E-3 
Helping Hands  To help the homeless in need  Mr. Slaughter  Tuesday  During Lunch  F-2 
HOSA  Public Service, Medical Career Training, Scholarships  Mrs. Millhollon  Wednesday  Friday after School alternating with Wednesday noon  G-1 
Ike mob dancers  To do different type of dance cultures and perform for the school  Mrs. Morris  Thursday  After School  Cafeteria 
Ike Travelers  To broaden students perspective of the world through travel  Mr. Barnaby, Mrs. Pesantes-Mills  Wednesday  After School  E-1 
IKEMOB Scholarships  To raise scholarship and promote IKEMOB awareness  Mrs. Kelly  Thursday  During Lunch  F-5 
Interact  Community Service, Fellowship, and Fun!  Mrs. Kelly  Wednesday  During Lunch  F-5 
Key Club  To support our community through community service  Mrs. Lopez, Mr. Flores       
Korean Club  To explore a new culture  Mrs. Barron  Wednesday  During Lunch  K-8 
Law Enforcement  To promote Law Enforcement careers  Mr. Escamilla  Thursday  During Lunch  F-6 
Life Skills Club  Life Skills Activities  Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Contreras  Friday  During 6th period  C2 
Link Crew  Freshmen Mentoring  Nancy Ibrahimi, Mr. Sparks  Thursday  During Lunch  Career Center 
MCJROTC  Train for the military  Captain Luster, Master Sgt. Benoit  Wednesday  Before School  G-6 
National Association of Peer College Advisors  To promote students to enroll in post secondary education  Mrs. Kull, Mrs. Campa  Monday  During Lunch  B-13 
Newman  Community Service, Building a relationship with Christ  Mrs. Fitzpatrick, Mrs. Ramirez  Friday  During Lunch  A-4 
Pacific Islanders Club  To teach and honor Polynesian culture through dance and language  Ms. Rodriguez  Wednesday  After School  B-5 
Pep Squad  To promote spirit and unity on the EHS campus  Mrs. Felkins  Wednesday  After School  L-4 
PTSA  Parent Teacher Student Association  Dr. Jackson, Mrs. Munoz  Wednesday  Before School  Parent Center/ Teacher's Lounge 
Student Leadership  Student Leadership is designed to serve the school by planning activities and events that will provide a positive memorable experience for all eagles.  Mrs. Henriquez-Pulido  Thursday  4th Period E-4 
The EHS Museum Travel Club  To learn the history of a subject and then visit a museum related to the subject  Mr. Barnaby  Wednesday  During Lunch  E-1 
Weight Lifting Club  To learn how to properly lift, and to get strong  Mr. Solorzano  Tuesday  After School  B-7 
Woodwork Careers  To plan career learning and development paths.  Mr. Streeter  Monday  5th Period  L-3 
Yugioh Club  Just hangout and play Yugioh  Mr. Barnaby  Tuesday  During Lunch  E-1